Metro Boomin just released his latest single with Future, ”Maison Margiela.”

Curious to know what a rap song about Belgian couture sounds like? Take a listen:

(if you can’t bare, the first ten seconds essentially summarize the full track)


When I think “Maison Martin Margiela,” I think deconstruction. I think ambiguous, invisible labels. I think anonymous team of designers, I think repurposing, I think counter-culture. What I don’t think of is a drum machine and beat tapes. But the fact of the matter is that fashion has become the hype in contemporary hip-hop, with rappers and miscellaneous hip-hop aficionados pushing the sartorial agenda with more enthusiasm than anyone else today.

Like it or not. The hip-hop community is not only embracing fashion–it’s amplifying it.

It makes me wonder, “How did this happen? Are Kanye, Nigo and Pharrell really to credit/blame, or does it go back to Anna’s fascination with Puff Daddy? Or Camron dressing up as a Barbie doll? Or Gucci Mane’s existence in general? Was this inevitable, as youth culture continues to re-invent itself? And what effect does such a mainstream spotlight on fashion have upon the industry?” I don’t have any answers to these questions–I’m just saying they fascinate me. My only real question is when I’ll see a trap song called “Rei Kawakubo.”


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2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Fashion, like everything, will eventually have to stop being mainstream cool–I just wonder when. It’s a good thing I went to high school when the peak of our taste was Abercrombie and Fitch.