Reader mail!

Let me preface this post: I love mail. If it ain’t bills or a credit-card offer, chances are I’ll be thrilled. And while the Solestruck offices regularly receive enormo boxes of shoes, real mail (for me at least) comes few and far between.

That’s why I was so excited when, on Tuesday afternoon, I received the cutest piece of mail…ever! I knew it was going to be a winner, simply because the envelope was decorated with puffy and sparkly stickers of hearts and smiley faces. Way to brighten up my freezing cold Oregon day!

Adorbs Packaging!But I suppose it’s the inside that matters, which contained arty postcards from our girl Esther from faux faux real and estherlovesyou. This exceptionally cool and creative gal created an envelope-within-an-envelope (see photo) with a hand-made note and even more oh-so-cute stickers (she really knows how to play to my inner child, right?).

TOO CUTE!And her postcards were totally so cute, too, containing some of her own artwork!

Her drawings and paintings (she’s one fashionably illustrator) draw from her cultural experiences in both Japan and the United States, and examine the female stereotype of beauty and its meaning to contemporary culture. Her art has a whimsical quality to it that’s playful, genuine, and obviously adorable and girly.

Esther’s work has been featured in publications such as ElleGirl Korea, Nylon Japan, and Lemonade Magazine.

Thanks, Esther! I loved your mail!!


  • Olivia

    Oh, those letters are lovely!!
    I just came across your blog/website today, but i’ve kind of sort of fallen in lurvveee. Expect me to be a daily reader, as i have something of a shoe obsession, alrighty?