Traditionally, we get 4 days off a year; Memorial weekend was one of them and we couldn’t have been more stoked! So, how did all the Solestruck babes spend their 3 day weekend? Let’s recap:

memorial shit fest

Shelley, Creative Dept. Assistant

“Watching every episode of Arrested Development Season 4 with this brat. Time well spent!”


Henry, Men’s Buyer

“Drank stimulants at Stumptowm coffee with my main squeeze. Lots of brown happened.”

bloc party shit

Anna Branch, Creative Dept. Lead + Melissa LaChance, Store Manager and Brand Rep

“Bloc Party!!!”


Alex (the girl), Buyer

“Portland Tiki Bar tour. Next day = slept till 2pm and glued to the couch all day, ouch.”

ty in china

Ty, Creative Director 

“Spent my holiday in exotic Guangzhou china. I took a break from working on shoes to get into the local fashions girl!”


Julie, Customer Service Manager

“Mumford and Sons in Portland last night. We didn’t have the best seats and didn’t care because they played loud and hard and threw sweat everywhere.”

image (1)

Sarah Vale, Flash Sale Coordinator

“Road trips to warmth and old ghost towns”

How’d you spend your Memorial weekend??