Reefs in Real Life

Whether you’re a high-schooler, a college student, or your classroom days are behind you, weekends are still prime-time for parties. As the weather warms, the festivities move outside and it’s time to mix and mingle with a few ice-cold drinks. And this, my friends, is where the Reef Fanning (right) proves a worthy investment.

Reef FanningI experienced the phenomenon for myself just this Saturday. Out with a group of college friends, I noticed one pick up a soda bottle, then look around as if searching for something. Curious, I watched as she located a pair of black-and-white flip flops (right) and used one to pop the lid off of her drink!

I immediately recognized the fabulous Reef sandal. And I wasn’t the only one. Several other party attenders had witnessed the act and were eager to try the unique bottler opener for themselves.

So you see, not only is the Reef Fanning a stylish choice for footwear, it’s also incredibly convenient, and it makes a great conversation-starter too!

– Katie

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