Do you ever stop for a second in your everyday life and think- this moment feels like a movie, what would the background music be? No? Okay maybe it’s just me. SUE ME FOR WANTING TO FEEL SPECIAL.

Anyway, since we do this, literally all the time, we decided to make a contest out of it- sort of. Here’s the deets:

One song (from back in the day- think 90s or earlier for you babies out there),
one pair of VINTAGE shoes from Solestruck Department of Antiquities,
one outfit (using the shoes-duh!) INSPIRED BY the oldies song of your choice.

Got it? Well, here’s an example for you.

Inspired by: Lesley Gore- She’s A Fool
Shoe used: No. 271 Whiskey Colored Loafer

For a little more clarification.. the outfit DOES NOT have to be made using polyvore, nor does it need to be all vintage items (just the shoes). It can be whatever the hell you fancy boys and girls dream up. It does have to include the song and vintage shoe used when you submit the entry to though, otherwise your submission is NOLL AND VOID.

The winners will receive one free pair of VINTAGE shoes from our Department of Antiquities excluding Luxury Jones (shhhh that’s coming!). Can’t find your size or style? No worries, because we’re adding tons of new vintage all the time!