Resorting Solestruck Styles

We’re making some fab changes to Solestruck!   Have you noticed? We’re redefining our styles to make it even easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for!

You already know that Solestruck’s easy-to-use shop pages let you browse by brand, style, size or color. Until recently, though, our “style” section wasn’t always as useful as the rest — for example, there were categories for evening, prom, and special occasion which all seemed to contain the same shoes!  So we’ve consolidated some styles and added others to avoid the repetition and make your shopping experience the best it can be.

We’re still in the process of sorting all the shoes … with hundreds of styles, it’s a time-consuming process … but you can already see some of the results. Browse the new “peep toes” style section, or check out the difference between the “sporty” and “athletic” styles (previously all just “sneakers”). Also to come are style sections for stilettos, cork and kitten heels!  By the way, if you have suggestions for more, let us know.  Please?

Find the “Shop by Style” list on the left-hand menu of most pages.  And thanks for looking!

– Katie

P.S.  Sorry about all the exclamation marks.  Too much coffee today, perhaps? :)

  • Michael

    Katie — This is really great to offer more specific style searches. Thanks to you and your team for making this happen.