The babe-liest of all babes, Jenny Parry, took a 2 1/2 week road trip upto her fashion photographer husband, Jason Lee Parry’s home-state of Oregon and camped out with their 1952 travel trailer and some Solestruck shoes- I mean, can you think of anything more amazing? We only wish we were there to get wasted by the fire with them! We’re so frickin’ psyched to show you guys the polaroids from their trip, so without further adieu.. sit back, enjoy, and think about fucking jealous you are.

Jeffrey Campbell Lambert

Jeffrey Campbell Lovich

Jeffrey Campbell Alamo

Jeffrey Campbell Prowl

Can you even handle it? We can’t. We’re actually dying right now. So awesome, LIVE FAST MAG also did a little write up on our collab with the duo of the century: read it here! The playlist they snagged from this foxy babe is pretty rad also, so be sure to give that a listen!

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    amazing!! love it