Rock n’ Roll Bad Girl!

Ripped Tights 
Red Lipstick 
Fabulous 4″ bling heel 
Jeffrey Campbell Lite & Burbs

Jeffrey Campbell Lite & Burbs Chain

Mouth watering?  Available for purchase early next week now!

  • Mary

    Hot. I need these!

  • Anna at ShoeHunting

    LOVE THEM!!! How much will they cost?

  • Bryce

    Jeffrey Campbell Lite = $169.95
    Burbs Chain = $119.95 $154.95 oops!

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    OMG I love those!!!!!!!! They are fabulous!!!!!!!!

  • Zulema2

    Whaoo these shoes are so awesome. I like them beautiful, daring a little rock and roll… :)

  • Jeanie

    Hi! So these shoes are amazing but I just checked and the price of burbs chain seems to have an error (hopefully). A few days ago the price was $119.95 like Bryce posted above and now its $154.95. What’s going on? Please say it’s a pricing error and not pricegouging. Thanks!

  • admin

    We made a mistake and priced these shoes too low. We originally priced the Burbs Chain at the same price as the Burbs, but were way off. Sorry for the mistake. Call or email us and we’ll make it up to you.

  • Sadie

    Ohhh I think I’m in love with these! :O

  • Poster Girl

    Studs are so hot this season, both pairs are gorgeous.

  • Jenna

    PLEASE CAN I HAVE THESE!!!!!!!!! I need some new shoes… not that these would be work appropriate.

  • Lapau – daktual

    I like so much both!!!