S.O.C.S // Rachel Comey Giveaway Winners!

Whoa, you guys rained some SERIOUS polyvore action down on us! And boy did we love getting drenched in Rachel Comey styled goodness! Below is the big winner of our S.O.C.S. giveaway—it had pretty much everything we live for all wrapped in to one perfect set. Beyonce? Check. Ultimate winter coat? Check. Kittens? Leather accents? McQueen? CHECKMATE.

Feat. Flux; by Rachel Comey

Below are the runners up! Each will be gifted one pair of exclusive Rachel Comey socks! YIPPEEE!

Feat. NYX; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Derringer; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Mars Boot; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Mars Boot; By Rachel Comey

Feat. Derringer; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Pegasus; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Pontus; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Duncan; by Rachel Comey

Feat. Dazze; by Rachel Comey


Thanks all for entering!! You guys got STLYE. All winners will be emailed today. If one of these sets are yours and you don’t hear from us, please email to claim your prize! Polyvore doesn’t share all emails with us.




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