Saucier + Solestruck VDAY contest runners up

First up we just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you clever, wonderful and word savvy contributors who submitted a poem for our Valentine’s day giveaway! The response was nothing short of awesome and you guys made our vday hilarious, heartfelt and a whole hell of a lot less depressing.

We received the earrings from Aaron Saucier himself this morning (along with handwritten notes to all the winners!) so we snapped an office pic… and without further ado (see, we’re poetic too!), below are the names and poems of our two runners up—each of whom will receive a stunning pair of oversized black heart earrings from NY-based SAUCIER!

KAZMIRA won us over with her colorful heart and oh-so-tempting use of the international language of luuuv…

Roses are colorful, just like my heart.
I’m lonely for shoes, there’s none in my cart.
My boyfriends a douche and is getting me nothing (how classy),
But those Saucier earrings would make me look oh so snazzy.
This valentines day my hands will be empty.
So this made this contest oh so tempt-y.
If I win this contest and people ask me “Comment allez-vous?”
I’ll say “Je suis bien avec mon Jeffrey Campbell’s, and you?”

Next up was the kink-minded SHANTI who wasn’t afraid to admit to a little embarrassing foot odor in order to nab some free goodies… as you can probably tell, we like shameless around here!

My feet they are so stinky
And my boyfriend, he’s so kinky
He likes them wrapped in red
When I’m on my back, in bed
The earrings are just for me
So I’ll feel pretty, as can be
So thanks to Solestruck and Saucier
I’ll be all dolled up, for my next lay

Both of these lyrically blessed ladies will be receiving their black heart 18k gold SAUCIER earrings in the mail right quick! Be on the lookout for an email from SOLESTRUCK:) And to everyone else who entered, can we just say, YOU ROCK. Judging wasn’t easy. Everyone had such amazing entries and we couldn’t handle the pressure so we left it up to the man behind SAUCIER himself… we’re wusses like that sometimes.

Anyway, we love you ALL X MILLION!!! Stay tuned for the grand prize entry:)