Saving paper by saying no “Thank You”

Every Solestruck customer knows that, besides the fabulous free shipping and unbeatable customer service, each order also includes a few important documents. One, of course, is your invoice. Simple ReturnsAnother is our Simple Returns form (left), with an attached prepaid United Parcel Service return label and instructions on the process. A third, recent addition was the Donation Form for our “Save Your Soles” Program.

The final enclosure in any Solestruck order has been a little card that simply thanks customers for their purchase. However, while this sentiment is certainly still true, we won’t be including “Thank You” cards with orders anymore once our current supply is exhausted.

Why, you ask? We actually have several reasons, but the main one is this: we’re working to reduce our impact on the environment. Eliminating this piece of paper, which isn’t really necessary because we also send an email confirmation with a similar message, will greatly reduce how much paper we use each year. Think of the trees we’ll save!

We’d like to thank Solestruck customer Melissa P. for her recent email that included the suggestion. She also wrote that, “People are really into the eco-impact of shopping for shoes online … you should offer at checkout the option to have ‘minimal packaging’ or ‘eco packaging’ where you can choose to use boxes that have been previously sent out to other clients.” We completely agree, and we’ll be working to develop that option very soon. Thanks for the ideas, Melissa!

If you have ideas on improving the features and functionality of the Solestruck website and shopping experience, please let us know! We’re always happy to hear from you, and we’re constantly working on new and improved elements. Just send an email to Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Michael

    Great ideas at work here. This will lessen the impact of the inserts. I like the idea of people choosing eco-packaging where you could reuse the shipping boxes that other customers send back in. Thanks Melissa for the suggestion and Katie and team for the implementation.

  • John

    This is a great idea! These kind of environmental considerations are incredibly important to me and our planet. I will do my part in in my shoe-purchasing duties and buy from from now on. I have been very impressed by the site, customer service, donation promotion and look/feel. You’ve got a lifelong fan.

  • Katie

    John and Michael: Thanks for your feedback and support!