In celebration of our recent 20K Facebook “likes” we are launching a new FACEBOOK APP to celebrate our fans—and give you free shoes! A winner will be chosen every two weeks–selected by our FB fans based on your “Photobooth” submission. So once you shop, stalk UPS and then tear open that box, make sure you take time to snap a quick pic–upload it and get all your pals to like your look! We are continually reminded that we have the most loyal fans in the industry—and this goes out to you–a contest created for our clients—with winner also chosen by our fans! Here we go people.

Click on either image in this blog post, and you will be directed to our Fan Page, all the details are there—and you will be on your way to free shoes like fore real!

  • Lindsay

    Can you enter again in a different 2 week period with a new photo if i do not win?