Scrutinizing flip flops for the perfect pair

Daylight Savings Time has begun, and in addition to increased hours of sunshine, we’ll also be feeling warmer weather very soon (I hope!). What better way to keep our moods bright and cheery than to focus on all the flip flops that have been arriving at Solestruck recently?

In need of a pair of basic, everyday summer shoes myself, I picked six flip flops from our new arrivals to try on, and here’s what I discovered:

Rocket Dog Double Dutch

The Rocket Dog Double Dutch was my first flip flop choice. It’s certainly cute, but felt almost too glam with its glittery straps. Matching butterflies fluttering on the footbed attracted me too, but I wonder if they’d rub off after too much exposure to sun, sand, or chlorinated water.

I tried the Hush Puppies Burst because Hush Puppies Burstwe all know that the brand is concerned with comfort first and foremost. I noticed its soft, pillowy footbed right away, and the leather is top quality. I love the knot detail, too, but the overall look is just too cultured for casual me.

Reef Butter

The Reef Butter goes back to the basics with sturdy leather and simple bold stitching to give it that hint of style. The sole sounded a bit squeaky on certain types of flooring, and the fit was a little snug. I liked this flip flop better in person than the photo, but I’m not sure I loved the super-smooth leather.

Rocket Dog CrushI went back to my favorite brand then for the Rocket Dog Crush. Wow, it’s comfy for such a high wedge! I love the upturned toe. It’s got a nice, soft toe post and webbed straps, and a cushy platform sole. With its height, this flip flop definitely pairs better with longer jeans or short skirts, though, and I’m afraid white might show dirt easily.

Yellow Box ScarfNext up: the Yellow Box Scarf. It shows off a retro swirl detail in a versatile color scheme that should go great with jeans. But when I tried them on, I found that the strap sits too far back on top of the foot to see that with long pants on, so they were out of the running. They were comfortable, though!

New Balance SDW 220Lastly, I picked up the New Balance SDW 220. It looked to combine my requirements–cute, basic, and comfortable–all in one. I adore the bright splash of yellow in the hibiscus-flowered footbed and straps. Slipping them on, I experienced a plushy footbed with just the right amount of height, a soft toe post and perfectly placed straps.

After considering all my options, I went home with the New Balance SDW 220 flip flops (of course, I pick up a new bottle of nail color on the way, because I can’t show off new flip flops with unpolished toes!) I’ve worn them a few times so far, and I love them just as much as the day I bought them. But that’s just my personal opinion … which flip flops are your fave?

– Katie