We’ve had a major crush on Seattle based brand, Grey City, since we first used that infamous cut out cross boot in our Fall 2012 lookbook, On The Road, and our love for them has only grown since that fateful day. Flash forward two years, and we’re headed to their hometown to partner up with (also Seattle based, obvi) furniture store, Digs Showroom, for a month long pop up shop! Find it weird that we’re posting up in a furniture store? You know how we do. I mean, what better way to display the shoes than with amazing decor?

So naturally, for the event, we’re featuring select styles from the dreary weather natives and in celebration, we did a little ‘behind the brand’ interview with Kyle and Vikki of Grey City. Read below!


NAME(S): Kyle Grant & Vikki Andrews
CURRENT SONG YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH? Vikki: “Running for Cover” – Ivan & Alyosha / Kyle: White Denim’s “Corsicana Lemonade” album
GO TO POSE FOR PHOTOS? We try to avoid the paparazzi

Q: Let’s talk about brand names, baby. How did the name Grey City come to be?
Kyle: We always wanted something that evoked a vibe and from there it was sorta, “ok, let’s wait and see if something just clicks.” The word city conjures such a diverse influence of backgrounds – and the fact we love the vibe of our hometown – we figured it was a good way to at least attempt defining the brand. And when it comes to the inspiration, there is no precedent or finite category where the motivation lies – much like a grey area. Combine the two (and let’s be honest, along with the images that come to mind in Seattle much of the year) and you have Grey City. The first time we said it, we knew we had it.


Q: What do you love about Seattle? Do you plan to keep the brand planted there?
Kyle: Seattle is home. It’s like that favorite pair of jeans you’ve had forever, that sweatshirt you just can’t seem to part with, it’s just comfortable and feels right. Sure, the winters are dreary and seem to often last til July, but Seattle has such a unique personality. There’s the tech geeks, the struggling musicians, aspiring artists – and it just brings all of these personalities together to create this almost sacred little metropolis in the far corner of the country. Grey City, along with Vikki and I, will always call Seattle home, but who knows what the future holds. No matter what, wherever we may end up, the Seattle vibe will definitely come with us!

Q: If I came to Seattle for a night, besides on March 8th when I’ll be there for the DIGS event, where would you take me?
Vikki: I’m always down for Matt’s in the Market – especially when friends come in from out of town – and nothing beats the Market in the summer. From there we’d probably cruise over to the Tractor for some live music and then maybe head up the hill. I’ve been digging Lost Lakes a lot lately for some cheap beer and greasy spoon late night diner food! Always a great go to!


Q: We’re big into mantras here at Solestruck, and we just settled on ‘Let’s Burn This Bitch Down! As our new motto for 2014- Do you have a mantra that the Grey City team kind of lives by? Or for the brand?
We have a pretty small team, all going a million different directions, all constantly faced with new challenges. As a growing company, we just take it in stride, accepting whatever challenge presents itself, and then doing whatever we have to do to overcome it. A few simple words our Creative Director has on an inspiration board reads, ‘Work hard and be nice to people.’ At the end of the day, we’ll always stick with that!

Q: We immediately fell in love with the brand back in early 2012- it all started with a giant wedge boot with cross cutouts in the heel and we haven’t stopped loving you since. Can we get a little hint at what new styles you’re developing?
In the beginning we were trying to make shoes that would grab the attention of anyone we could just to get the brand out there and our cross heel definitely got people talking. Since then we have toned the line down a bit with some classic styles, but we’re always try to funk it up with pieces that will still turn heads.


Q: How has the brand evolved in terms of design and what you’re inspired by?
I am going to stray from the obvious answer and say London fashion. Sorry Seattle, but they really have their finger on the pulse right now. Being on the heels of London fashion week we are feeling more inspired than ever. Each collection is like starting with a blank slate which is so fun! We get to reinvent ourselves every few months so we are constantly evolving. Our original collection was ‘the higher the better,’ but now we try to keep things a little more tame and manageable.

Q: We’re so happy to have Grey City featured in our first pop up shop of the year- what are you most excited about for the DIGS pop up event? It’s okay, you can say the booze.
Well duh, what’s an event without booze? Besides that, Solestruck is one of our absolute favorite accounts (shh don’t tell the others!) who’ve been with us from the beginning so anytime we can collab we are beyond excited. We think you guys showcase the best of the best and we are truly flattered to be part of your assortment. The fact that the pop up is in our own backyard is just the icing on the cake. Now, about that booze…


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