I made my way to my desk today. My hand appeared beneath a wool sweater, as my tiny claw clutched a scalding hot chai tea and the keys to my office. “This is spring?” I thought, as I shivered beneath layers of clothing. “TGIF,” I mumbled as I powered up my computer, got into my inbox, and blasted my favorite Rebecca Black mash-up. Atop my inbox was an email from an address I didn’t recognize at the JCHQ, within the body of the email was a single link with the message….”YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.” Below is what I found.

Jeffrey Campbell – OH BOY – Act I from FUTURE MACHINE on Vimeo.

What I can only imagine is a part of some JC secret genius, is this random video of some Brooklyn babes swinging a sock full of rocks at a glitter LITA! Trust me when I say I will keep you in the loop…..I am awaiting more info, details or a follow up video. I replied to the address the video was sent from—and the email bounced.

  • Dabba

    You know the Lita is a must have when 2 of the 3 girls are already wearing a pair (minus the girl in the Tick’s [which are EQUALLY as fabulous]) and yet desperately need to get the glitters down.

    • ty

      Every Friday night I leave my apartment—i usually make it less than 15 minutes before I see a Lita.