Secret Video, part two….WAIVE A STICK AT IT.

Maybe, just maybe, Spring is going to show it’s face. That is all I thought on the way to work—as people seemed optimistic behind navy blue spring trenches and patches of skin showing beneath long dresses–I felt spring in the air. Maybe it is here. As I got to my office—something else had arrived—a second mystery email from the team at Jeffrey Campbell. The subject bar read….”Don’t make me tell you twice,” and I’ll be the first to admit it—I kind of like being bossed. So with that said, I clicked the link to find the second in this series of clandestine LITA focused videos. This growing crop of girls, all dressed like the Olsen twins, are all fighting for a suspended LITA. I think the real video is going to be the major cat-fight that ensues once of these Brooklyn Ladies get that shoe down! Here is clip two—stay tuned and we will keep you updated when we find out more. Kind of loving this suspense thriller! Maybe the shoe is filled with gold coins!

Jeffrey Campbell – OH BOY – Act II from FUTURE MACHINE on Vimeo.

  • TASH

    this second part is much better…and damn, so true!!xD

  • Jillio

    it’s all too obvious that they were chosen for their good looks and not their brains. whose great idea was it to play with power lines? at least the sticks were out of wood and not metal.

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