SEE IT. DO IT. BE IT. 2013 get’s real visual.

I am spending my Sunday beneath a duvet cover, and underneath my favorite new thermal. I am tucked in bed and I cannot believe I just called out for breakfast delivery. (Door just rang, he’s here and coffee is hot, so I can believe it….). I was inspired by our recent resolutions contest, so I am set to work on my own personal resolutions for 2013–a year I see as not only fast approaching, but also one that shall prove to be insane, intense, out of control fun, and full of new challenges and opportunities. One of my big resolutions is to not let images, screenshots and aftermath of late-nite-booze-fueled tumblr sessions end up all over my entire desk top. I will present to you a visual representation of my 2013 resolutions using exclusively images that are currently found on my desktop, waiting to be folderized. Damn this breakfast burrito is hot, ahem, here we go.

No. 1: Let myself fall in love. (Image Via Tumblr)

No. 2. Scare the shit out of myself by trying things which make me very uncomfortable personally. (image via Tumblr)

No. 3. Embrace the fact that even at my post-collegiate age, I still enjoy a good slogan tee. I just need to be more selective and choose

really major ones like this gem from new black mini.

No. 4. Buy new versions, shades, incarnations of denim shirts—like my newest and final denim purchase of 2012 which I just got at VIRGO in LA.

No. 5. To help others welcome change, even when they don’t know it’s what they want. To lead by example, I should say.

No. 6. To remind myself of the difference between and the very valid importance of an enemy and an arch nemesis.

No. 7. To remind myself that age is simply a number. (VIA TOP MAN SS13 Colleciton)

No. 7. To constantly remember the difference between style and fashion.

No. 8. Network Harder.

(Image VIA JFP, on-set from On The Road Lookbook)

No. 9. To continue to embrace my roots, to own where I come from, but never ceasing to put my own spin on it.

No. 10. To make an epic mix tape for my friends. It should be titled,  SIDE A: “I was gone a lot in 2012″ SIDE B: “Let’s fuck a lot of shit up in 2013.”

Image via Grimes Oblivion Video.

Thank you for a great Year—stay tuned for 2013—we have so much crazy stuff planned on the site, it’s going to melt your face off!