She’s the cool girl around town, you know the one; the girl born with bone structure better than Kate Moss, dresses like she just rolled out of bed already wearing something better than you could put together in a week’s effort, and she’s nice to boot. Well, that girl is Jessica, or better known as Ms. Vintage Virgin, and we’re crushing hard on this one. When we spotted her in our Senso Sardinia wedges, our stomaches turned with giddiness!

Check out our quickie interview with this foxy lady below:

NAME: Jessica Virgin
LOCATION: Houston, Texas
BLOG: Vintage Virgin

Q: What prompted you to start your blog? And how did was the name Vintage Virgin born?
A: I felt I have an over the top style and vintage you’ve never seen before so I decided to share my craziness with the outside world. My blog name come from my love for all things vintage and my last name Virgin, which makes VintageVirgin.

Q: If you could grow up in any decade, what would it be?
A: Oh it would be the late 60s early 70s for sure…the colors and prints are all I would need to live!

Q: Do you think Zombies are real?
A: Only when I’m watching the Walking Dead.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do/ happened because of your blog?
A: I’m from Texas so everything’s cool to me but appearing in an upcoming issue of Nylon is pretty sweet.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece of fan art?
A: I love them all but it’s from French illustrator Diglee, she captured my personality so well.

Q: Have you seen Breaking Bad? If so, what are your thoughts?
A: Oh yeah, why did it have to end like that?

Q: What’s up next in the world of Vintage Virgin?
A: Hopefully I can focus on fashion journalism, photography and maybe have another baby, lol!

Seriously, how awesome are those outfits? This girl’s got MAJOR style.


  • LadyUnlaced

    Jessica has got such great style, one of my favourite blogs for sure :D

  • Dom

    VV’s style is so outrageous and sick! Our aesthetics are nothing alike but it’s so fun to see what craziness is manifested in her next outfit. Speaking of which, those wedges are insane! They’re so much going on I can’t even–