As we prep for the launch of the first SENSO styles to come, bloggers, fans and fashionistas from around the globe are growing frantic with heavy anticipation. Several of the first SPRING ’11 styles will be up on presale this week. Stay tuned. But ripe for the picking today is a new editorial featuring SENSO and the crafty eye of Canadian blogger DEMICOUTURE. Based in Vancouver BC, Demi has been a long time friend of SOLESTRUCK and when she reached out with an interest in featuring our AUSTRALIAN favorite SENSO in an editoral we jumped at the chance.

Ty, from our creative team, recently sat with the brains behind this zine like blog, Victoria Potter for a quick Q & A on Canada, strip clubs, toes, trends andwhat she is lusting after and all the things she is obsessed over currently. The below was taken from that interview.

See her full Spread here: DEMIXSENSO


NAME: Victoria Potter
AGE: 24
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
SIGN: Taurus, I think.
BIGGEST SECRET: I partake in ritual cannibalism. KIDDING!

SS: demiCouture reads like a a stream of conscious mental magazine for the fashion obsessed. You cover it all, from trends, to shops, beauty to fashion insiders—was that the intent when you started?
DC:-I needed a place for me; my ideas, rants and thought vomit that was bubbling in my head to take shape. I grew up in a rather style barren suburb outside of Vancouver, so naturally the internet was my best and most relied upon tool and outlet to get it all out.

SS: You are based in Canada, but you blog mostly about US or UK labels—where is your readership, how do they find you?

DC:  -My readers are everywhere; mostly in the US and UK, though I have people reading from Russia to South America. Google is a glorious referrer, though Twitter (I’m @demiCouture) does wrangle in a ton of interest from around the internets.

SS: If I came to Vancouver—and we had dinner at SALT (my favorite) where would you take me afterwards?

DC: Definitely The Cobalt. It used to be this dank stripper joint and is now this fresh venue that holds everything from metal shows to eccentric gay nights. You can’t go wrong with that kind of range, and it’s just in East Van, which is my ‘hood (which also helps with cheap cabs home!!)

SS: What trends are you fearing for 2011?

DC: -Open toes; I loathe toes with frightening ferocity. There’s something about them; even if they’re perfectly manicured they look like stubby ground hands, which naturally horrifies me.

SS: Top  three songs on your Ipod at the moment?

DC: -Kanye West, Lost In The World
-Patrick Wolf, Teignmouth
-Radiohead, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

SS:Current Canadian crush?

DC:-I don’t even know how to answer that.. let me get my Tiger Beat…

SS: What advice would you give to any budding bloggers? What is your key piece of wisdom?
DC: -Personality and a unique twist to writing is more important than a fluffy looking website; focus on your writing and images over web design since that’s what is going to grab attention and keep readers coming back. If your content is crap, it dosen’t matter what your header or sidebar looks like.

SS:What do you see interesting happening in footwear trends at the moment?

DC:-Everything is happening right now; you can find a lunatic wedge, thigh climbing boot, classic pump to men’s inspired designs all in the ‘new in’ categories. This kind of range is so important; getting caught in only a few trends will pigeon hole your wardrobe and have you looking predictable and played out. It’s all about the wild cards; always have a wide range of footwear styles because shoes make or break your look. I always make sure to have at least 3 pairs of shoes that scare me (for height, design, whatever) in rotation to twist things up.

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