Our new and lovely intern Claire–is all about the tonal grey on black moment that is going on right now. Could this be related to Winter, short days of not much sun, and layers of tights, sweaters and scarves? We think so! Don’t let the season be the end of your amazing looks—we say embrace it! Claire loves the JC GLEN ZIP—and so do we. Scooped out wedge, the perfect height, all the right JC selling points—and perfect to get you through a few more months of dullness—toss on some purple tights already! If this doesn’t do it for you, we added the Glen in CHEETAH too!

Stay warm!

  • Luke Dewit

    Dear, Have a nice day! Our facebook has a good news. If some one like our facebook, she can get a pair of tights only for $1.99 this week. The price will rise $1 a week, until it is $9.99. This is for facebook fans only, one person, one pair! It is really inspiring, right? If you like it, pls. share it with your friends, thanks!