Sharing a few shout-outs

At Solestruck, it’s no secret that we love our customers. I mean, we wouldn’t be here without you! But we also love it when our customers tell us that they love us back. It gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling inside, ya know?

So Julie, our amazing customer service guru, forwarded me a few of the comments customers have sent us recently and I’d like to share them and say a big, “You’re Welcome!” and “Come Back Soon!” to you all! :)

“Hi am writting to say I just received my shoes! I am loviiiiiiiiiiiiiiing them!! The delivery was really FAST! EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! thanks alot…I’ll be back for more soon:)” — Nora

Nina Henna Steel Royal Satin“Thank you very much for the FAST shipping and wonderful product (left). I won’t tell you of the horror stories I’ve experienced from other suppliers, but i won’t be shopping anywhere else except solestruck from now on! i will definitely recommend to everyone! thanks again to all the great staff.” — Anna

“In the last six months, I’ve ordered 3 pairs of shoes from you and returned one pair. I’m thrilled with your selection, your prices (especially shoes on sale!), and your fabulous return policy. I’ve told a couple friends how much I dig solestruck, so I thought I’d tell you too. you’re great! thanks” — Heather



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