SHOE + ADDICT: Win $1,000 in free shoes!

Funny how things work out sometimes. The very SAME week we hit over 100K facebook fans (and did a MASSIVE celebration sale!) we simultaneously reached an equally heart-warming 100K Instagram followers! Since we already played our SALE card for the facebook milestone, we knew we had to kick it up a notch.

Here’s the deal: We’re giving away a $1,000 SHOPPING SPREE to one lucky instagramer.

Step 1: Snap an instagram pic of your rad shoe collection
with “SHOE + ADDICT” written somewhere.

Step 2: Tag it with #shoeaddictsolestruck

Step 3: Start picking out your dream shoe collection on


  • k6ps

    How i’d like to do that.. Just instagram is not available on my favorite mobile platform (Nokia). So i’m using Molome instead.

  • k6ps

    Yeah, i’m definitely not a mainstream guy. I’m using FreeBSD in my home computer, driving an electric car, and wearing shoes from too.

  • anna estany iborra

    quiero el premio
    soy fan de vusetros zapatos muchooooooooooooooooooooo
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.45.27.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.45.49.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.46.12.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.46.37.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.47.13.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.47.57.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.48.17.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.48.48.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.49.10.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.49.25.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.49.32.jpg
    /Users/annaestanyiborra/Desktop/2012-09-11 12.50.11.jpg

  • Tania

    Is the winner chosen at random?

  • Sami

    I un-lazied myself and finally made an entry :)

  • Sabrina

    Please tell me when I need to do this by? I know I will create a huge messing doing so!

  • mimouni

    mon addict a moi c’est SOLESTRUCK
    kisss et longue vie a vous