1.  If you could describe your style in 3 words what would they be and why?

Weird, fastidious, lovely. I’ve always been very particular about
getting dressed. It’s a self-loving, specific, near ceremonious part
of my day. At least one of those three words will describe whatever it
is I decide to put on.

2.  What is your fave style that you are obsessing over this season?

Menswear for women. Dipping into my boyfriend’s closet has never been
more gratifying.

3.  Which pair of Solestruck shoes are on your feet the most?

I only just got them but the JC Fabians. Perfectly bitchy and chic.

4.  As you probably already know, the pantone color of the year is
emerald, what is your pick for the most MAJ color going into Summer?

Baby blue.

5.  What is the craziest justification you’ve made for purchasing a
pair of shoes?

I went out for groceries once and came home with the snakeskin
embossed D’orsay Wedges by Elizabeth & James. I was working like 2
nights a week and living in basement space I shared with my best
friend in Jersey City. It was the most irresponsible purchase I’ve
made to date.

6.  Which designer’s collection could you buy every piece from?

Balmain. Always the right amount of oddity, embellishment, and leather.

7.  Who is your style icon?

I’ve always loved the Olsen twins. Even during their
constantly-leaving-the-house-with-wet-hair phase… Then I tried
smoking Marlboro Reds for a week and realized that admiring someone’s
style is more about your adaptation of it.

8.  What is your go to look for winter?

I honestly hate wearing pants, but I also hate wearing tights so you
can imagine the problem that creates in the winter… On a pretty
standard day I’m wearing something interesting in the family of
leggings- velvet, waxed, printed; a super soft tee, a warm something
over that and a leather jacket. Submarine shades, Frye Engineer Boots,
Vintage Coach bag… Hey look! It’s Stevie!

9.  Where can you be found these days after work?

Playing dress up, scribbling ideas madly in a notebook, shopping…