If you shop Solestruck there are certain things you know we love: Dance Floor Makeouts, Celebs in our shoes, GIFS of ourselves, kittens, scouring the globe for the newest shoes, and let’s not forget our ALL TIME fave…..FREE SHOES. One of our favorite brands, DV is about to give your Feb. a little kick with a chance at free shoes. Yep…all month long—-they are taking it to the streets one shoe at a time!

Dolce Vita has launched its biggest giveaway yet. Organized through Dolce Vita’s Facebook page, the Love Fest shoe giveaway will award 1,000 fans with free shoes throughout the month of February. To get into this….simply hit up their FB HERE.

GET IT LADIES! Is it awful that we are all entering as well! Let’s show them how we do it!

  • Ash

    Whoa, that’s generous. I’m in.

  • bridgeatte

    <3 <3 <3
    so excited
    so epic
    so yummmyy !!!!!!