SHOE MATH. A breakdown of summer essentials.

If a frappuccino costs 4 dollars and you have one a day at 3pm to power you through your work day–you are spending 20 a week on blended bliss. We have no problem with that. However, if you take that and multiply it by 13 work days…only 2.5 weeks, you will get about 50.00 USD–of course this does not include your gracious tip, or added chocolut scone. And granted, $50.00 doesn’t buy you much anymore…however, SOLESTRUCK is here to stretch that dollar lady! (Author sip his own frappuccino…)

Just up on the site,  the SAM EDELAMAN GIGI sandal in new animal and metallic prints. So hot. So perfect. and PRICED TO MOVE! So in short, these can be yours if you lay off the coffee-frap for 2 weeks. And think of all the LBS you will loose! GIRL it is summer and the GIGI is here for you! LIMITED SIZES and QTYS SHOP NOW.

For a limited time only we will be shipping the GIGI with extra whip cream! On the house. When you check out simply click the new ADD WHIP CREAM FEATURE on the check out page! WE LOVE IT!