Shoe Orgasm

Hi everyone, hope you’re all frantically grabbing stuff from the Solestruck sale while I sit here and drool with an empty wallet… So thought I’d introduce you to some of my favourite soles anyway! Yay, say hello hello!

These are the pairs that sit inside my wardrobe because I frequent them more (or find them too precious to leave my sight) while those that are being neglected pile up in my mum’s closet. (Sorry, mum!) Of course, I’m biased towards my Jeffrey Campbell pairs so they have to sit in front of the others. I think it’s safe to say I prefer splurging on shoes and bags over everything else…

See the pairs of oxford-esque lace-up brogues? They’re my comfort shoes when I’m too tired or in a rush so I pretty much grab them and go! I don’t exactly fancy flats so anything loafer or brogue-like works when I can’t be stuffed throwing on heels.

I also adore shoes with a thick and massive platform… Don’t really know why but I suppose they look orgasmic? Yes, orgasmic. I’m the type who’d prefer a pair of monster wedges over stiletto heels any day.

These Clinic wedges were my first Jeffrey Campbell pair, ever. I had to wait in suspense and horror (imagine if they ran out of my size, again!) for more than half a year. It was beyond painful but so worth it when they arrived on my doorstep. I recall naming them ‘Jeffrey’, haha how original… Seriously though, those side mirrors are genius; they make checking someone elses’ feet party out secretly so damn easy.

The shoes’ perky butts! I didn’t manage to get photos of recent pairs that came in today but they might just make an appearance on my blog soon so keep a lookout, hehe. Hope you enjoyed getting turned on while viewing these images anyway… Well, see you and until the next post!

  • Ash

    I, too, am crazy about wedges and agree about spending a little more for shoes.

  • Channie

    OH MY GOD! You literally have A LOT of Jeffrey Campbells! If I were you, I would take my JCs in the best place in my wardrobe too! I wish/hope/pray to own a Jeffrey Campbell soon. :)