Shoes as a reward for good grades?

According to an article published by WJZ News (Maryland), students in Baltimore County and City schools have a new incentive for improving their grades–a brand new pair of New Balance tennis shoes.

The program is called Shoes for Grades, and the goal is to motivate students, teaching them that in the real world, a job well done will be rewarded.

“All students will receive a pair of shoes whether they maintain their grades or improve them, so for instance, those who go from an “E” to a “D,” they get a pair of shoes and students who maintain their As, they get shoes, too,” said Doug Crusse. He works at Holabird Sports, the store donating the shoes. “We have rewards at work if we do a job. That’s what real life is all about.”

Responses to the idea are mixed, acknowledging it could work well for some students but not for others.

“Some kids need the extra incentive to be able to do better,” said James Johnson.

“I don’t think it’s shoes or money. I think it basically comes away with the parents pushing you and striving you to do it,” said Rashad Williams.

“Different students have different challenges in their life, different things to overcome and what it takes to motivate and help them see further down the road … it varies,” said Lansdowne High principal Lynda Whitlock.

All quotes borrowed from “Baltimore Students May Get Shoes For Good Grades.”