Shoestruction: Grosgrain Ribbon

A little bit of ribbon always makes a girl feel more, well, girly.  But did you know there are specific names for different types of ribbon?

Grosgrain RibbonOne of the most common types, seen often on footwear during various seasons, is grosgrain ribbon (left), which is created from a closely woven silk or rayon fabric with narrow horizontal ribs.  It’s used to decorate and embellish any number of items, including clothing, handbags, hats, even scrapbooks (I’ve done it!)

Enzo Angiolini TieredAs far as footwear, grosgrain ribbon is most commonly used either as a bow accent, as piping along the upper, or both.  The Betseyville Bernadette is a trendy, polka-dotted example of the piping, while the Enzo Angiolini Tiered (right) features a bright bow using two bands of grosgrain ribbon.

Baby Phat JamieFinally, Solestruck‘s newest representative of the grosgrain gang just might be a new favorite, though I could never pull it off.  It’s called the Baby Phat Jamie (left), and the ankle-hugging ribbons on this diva are some of the boldest I’ve ever seen.  Isn’t she stunning?

– Katie

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  • LuLu

    wow great info, i loove the baby phat jamie!!! :D xoxo, lulu

  • usually

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  • Doris W. Morrow

    yes, grosgrain ribbon can also be used on clothes. I stumbled upon a post earlier which featured a skirt with a grosgrain ribbon and it totally looked nice. I loved it on scrapbooks. I used to make scrapbooks and attach a grosgrain ribbon on it.