Shoestruction: Shootie

As promised, it’s another Shoestruction post from one of your favorite ladies over at Solestruck.  Today’s topic: shooties, a compound of shoe + bootie.

Shooties, also called booties, ankle boots or shoe booties, are essentially boots without the shaft.   By definition, the upper part of a shootie ends at or near one’s ankle, and there’s usually (although not always) a substantial heel.  Recent trends have seen shooties displaying any number of details and silhouettes, but a few common themes we’ve picked up on include: 1) the pointed toe that mimics a regular boot, 2) the laced upper in keeping with menswear fashions, 3) the pretty peeped toe with an allure all its own, and 4) the all-important stiletto heel.

Above are some shootie examples from  In the top row, starting from the left, we have the sleek Rocket Dog Devo, the patent Sam Edelman Whitely, and the cuffed Report Boston in grey.  All three exhibit lightly pointed toes on their retro-esque silhouettes but with varying heel heights.

In the bottom row, you see the belted Seychelles Under Construction, the seductive Report Ellis in nude, and the one-of-a-kind Vans Boylston.  The first two styles incorporate laces and platforms, and each is inspired by menswear in a different way.  Finally, we’re not sure which trend we’d classify the sunny Vans shootie as, because to be perfectly honest we’ve never seen anything quite like it before, but it’s just so out of the ordinary we had to include it anyways.

– Katie

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