splashFor our most recent, and possibly our most forward men’s editorial to date, we partnered with Brooklyn Based Artist and Creative Michael Burk. In addition to showcasing our Fall favorites, we set out to create something that we feel encapsulates exactly where we want to take our men’s business. Shit’s going NEXT LEVEL. Burk has been working with us on several smaller projects for the last few months—but UNIVERSE, featuring Shaun Ross as both Muse and Model, is the first full on Burk driven artistic effort for us here at Solestruck. Michael partnered with the heads of our Men’s Dept., to explain his concept, and then he created the final product on his own—merging his own photos of Shaun, into a kaledescope of visual overload that takes the reader on an epic journey of time, sex, space, shoes and everything in between. One of the first bloggers to pick up and promote our new lookbook, THE UNREPORTED PARTY, summed it up best:

“For their Men’s F/W 2013, shoe site Solestruck has quite literally produced a fashion forward visual acid trip, this is a lot to process, I don’t think I fully have yet to be honest. With so much color and editing; it’s like the universe threw up. These are just some of my favorites, but feel free to view more from the shoot¬†here. While you’re at it fuck with the photographer/creative director behind these,”

Please Check out the Shaun Ross Lookbook HERE

and here are a few of our favorite images from other projects Michael Burk has worked on.

Jot down his name, You’re gonna wanna remember it.

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Our favorites include select works for, MESSECA NYC.