[One of our recent guest bloggers and now bestie, Dom Grizzelle]

Solestruck is seeking one or two guest bloggers for December! What does this mean? Besides shoe fame and endless street cred amongst other shoe crazed addicts—well we toss in a free pair of shoes (up to 300 bucks ya’ll) as well to sweeten the deal. Our guest bloggers receive prime placement on our site, and social media platforms. In the past for those bloggers with insanely amazing content and photos (styling our shoes of course) we have even used the images on our main landing page—all credited back to their respective blogs. This drives huge hits to your blog—but also let’s our fans see new and fun ways of styling shoes.

Are you wondering what we are looking for in a guest blogger? Creative crazy people with a love for life, fashion, personal style, a sharp with and sense of charm that even our black hearts can’t deny! Check out of our past guest bloggers I am adding to this post. We like it diverse, we like it global, we like it cute, and we like it covered in GIFS!

[Meet Melody, one of our first guest blogger, she hails from Singapore. We love her BLOG!]

1. You must have an active blog.

2. You must love shoes.

3. You should be able to produce high quality images of you styling/wearing/using/werquing/modeling the shoes we send you.

4. Be responsible for about 4 blog posts on our main blog–topics left to your creative brains!

We do not care where you are from, how established you are, your gender, or how often you shop with us. This about creativity catching our eye and showing us some mind blowing shit! Have I mentioned we love being dazzled?

[We we're proud to feature a NYC travel blog diary from Portland photog Lavenda Memory. She took us on her

trip across NYC, using our shoes to style all of her shoots along the way!]

Is this you? Have you been tossing and turning, awake at night, watching Robyn videos on repeat, just waiting for your chance to let your voice be heard? Email us at include a link to your blog, your favorite GIF, one picture that defines “who you are” (can be of anything) and the answers to the below important questions:

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. Why are you the next Solestruck guest blogger?

3. It’s 10pm on a Friday night what are you doing and where the hell are you?

4. Where is your dream holiday destination?

5. Tell us one secret about yourself!

Email ALL the requirements to:





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