For the entire month of May, we’re teaming up with Chictopia, the website for all things street style and fashion- you may have heard of it?, for a month long giveaway + contest! I know, right? This one’s SO GOOD. As part of the promotion, we’re partnering with Olivia Lopez of LustForLife, to be our guest judge and help choose the winners! We want to get deep down and personal with you guys, maybe shed a tear or two (mainly for how good your style is) with this one; all you have to do is sign up for an account with if you aren’t already registered, and upload a photo of yourself in your favorite outfit, with your favorite shoes, cause baby, we wanna see your SOLE! In addition to the photo, give us a short blurb of what your shoes say about you– easy, right?

So let’s recap:

1. Post an outfit photo of yourself on Chictopia wearing your raddest “Show Us Your Sole” outfit. Be sure to check that you’re entering the Show Us Your Sole contest upon posting.
2. Tell us what your shoes say about you in your post.
3. Encourage people to vote, favorite and share your entry – the most voted, favorited and shared entries will be finalists!

Now for the prizes..

The 1st place winner will receive $300 worth of Solestruck shoes and will be featured on Solestruck’s blog and Chictopia’s blog Everybody Is Ugly! The first runner-up will win a $150 gift card to use at Solestruck. The second runner-up will also win a $150 gift card to use at Solestruck. Pretty sweet kick into spring, eh?

Okay, now I know this is a lot to handle, we know you guys can take it.. BUT can you take this too?!

In tandem with the contest, we’re also sponsoring a shoe on Chictopia’s Chic Rewards page! So what’s the shoe du jour?

Duh! The JC Night Walks in Floral Tapestry, cause what could possibly be better for spring?

For 15,000 Chic Points, it can be yours, and to help a sista out, were giving the first 500 gals to see this a special code worth 200 Chic Points to put towards redeeming this beauty!

This contest ends on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST, so hurry up and show us your sole!