Singapo’ It Up: Day 2

The people in Singapore are so nice, it actually makes me feel bad because I’m such an asshole lol.

I’m meeting the gamut of Singapore’s fashion scene, observing how “small talk” works on this side of the industry, and I’ve take great fancy in observing how Rated G the conversations are over here. Even the most harmless, friendly sarcasm is quickly followed with “just kidding” or even “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, I’m iMessaging my friends in ‘Merica being all like “omg you bitch, hahaha I can’t with your face.”

It doesn’t take a local to recognize a clueless cab driver, but even tourists can spot an evil scammer. After one particularly awful drive, I audibly muttered, “what a complete idiot.” My Singaporean amigos looked at me with eyes bulging in amusement, as if I’d just flashed my tits at a stranger.

Dress in looser clothing, don’t embarrass my company, and play nice with the locals–I can do this.

Singaporean breakfast: kaya toast.
take two soft-boiled eggs, crack ‘em, mix ‘em, dip bread in ‘em, enjoy ‘em.



IMG_2098Stop two: BRUNCH for fatties. We went to another hawker, this time in mega-trendy hood, Tiong BahruDuck rice, chicken rice, wonton soup.




This area is cluttered with cute indie cafés, bookstores and plant nurseries.
It actually reminded me of Portlandia.

We hustled back to the hotel to change out of our hot, sweaty clothes and adopt something a little looser. Next stop:

Little India! The most chaotic cluster of alley ways and curry-filled potholes you will ever discover (unless, of course, you’re actually in India).


Alas, it was time to bid farewell to Bluepint Tradeshow at the closing party. It was a fascinating Singapore experience, and Team Solestruck was blessed to meet so many great vendors from all over the world–some of whom truly had some bizarre footwear I can’t wait for you all to see.

Sarah (pictured left) was Solestruck’s assigned “buyer host” student volunteer. She basically acted as our manager, telling us when we had appointments, guiding us through the massive convention center, running away to sneak us oily Chinese food for lunch, etcetera. LOVE YA SARAH!






Yes, that is a pearl sash.
Mama always told me: a lady never attends a party without her pearls.


After Blue Print’s closing party, we rushed over to catch one of the last shows at Singapore’s Audi Fashion Festival. It was a literal SWARM of Singaporean power gays and high-fashion bitches. A feast for my judgy eyes.




Divonista, giving me floor-length-gown, black satin glove, Jennifer Chou shoe moments.


What you (and I) don’t know is that these front-row sitters are a huge ass deal on this side of the world.

 I felt for this girl. Her heel was seconds from snapping as she ran to a  bathroom.

Travel tip: find a local, and ask them to include you in their real-life routine.
It’s simply the best way to experience a country’s true vibe.

BRING IT. MY TONGUE IS READY (for everything except chicken feet, tbh).