Singapo’ It Up.

Yo beautiful bitches! I’m currently in Singapore at Blueprint Tradeshow, scouring for new shoes with Solestruck blogger BFF Melody Tan. These are some tales of utter culture shock.

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First of all, can we discuss the Singaporean heat? Our other blogger BFF, Jenn Im, claimed she wore “blue flames in honor of Singapore’s Humidity,” and now I totally get it. Year round, this city-state is caught in a hot, sticky, humid cage of STEAM that literally steals the breath from your lungs. The hot air is so dense, it may as well have its own gravitational category? Coming from Portland, where the air is as light and fluffy as it is gloomy, I foolishly wasn’t expecting this. I regret every pair of jeans I brought with me. #idiot



It was immediately insisted that we dine at Newton Hawker Centre, one of Singapore’s most popular grub hubs. A hawker centre is a busy-as-all-hell outdoor food court wherein street vendors run rampant with every form of Chinese/Indian food you could hope for. It’s a mad dive for vacant tables, workers run around flailing menu’s at potential customers, the food is served piping hot on plastic plates, everything is finger food, everything reeks of spices, everything is delicious, everyone is sweating. It was glorious. GLORIOUS.


IMG_1692Some Newness from DEPRESSION



IMG_1713WXY just keeps gettin’ better.

IMG_1718(Insert inappropriate “cherry” “balls” joke here)

IMG_1729OMG. These Japanese geta shoes are made of ALUMINUM METAL. I might faint.

After we finished browsing Blueprint, we made a quick detour to Bugis Street: a wonderland for every tacky, cheap, gaudy, amazing piece of clothing you could ever desire. This place is a fire-hazard just waiting to spark, but that doesn’t stop people from congregating into these tight spaces to find some good shit.

IMG_1732Did I buy this shirt for $10? YOU BETCHA. LMAO.



I’m exhausted, and my fingers permanently smell like garlic stingray.
What an introduction. Here’s to many more Asian adventures ahead!!

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