Size matters

Peggy Hill isn’t the only gal with bigger feet, there’s a lot of you out there (my Sasquatch feet included) and sometimes it may be kind of hard to find shoes that actually fit, cause just like clothes, we aren’t all a size 6. Incase you weren’t already aware of her, one of our favorite customers, Leah Beckelman, has created a blog dedicated to the Peggy Hills of the world called Bigfoot Strikes Again.

Name: Leah
Current City: Seattle, Washington
Age: 26
Height: 5’11″
Shoe Size: US Women’s 12, Men’s 10.5
Hobbies: Shopping, Knitting, Reading, Going to concerts, Eating

She breaks it down by retailer, brand, fit.. the whole 9 yards. She reviews every shoe she buys, plus has a handy little chart of her current shoe collection! Think of her blog as your own “shoe store in Lubbock” and spread the word!

  • Gabrielle

    Thanks so much for this feature Solestruck AND especially LEAH!
    This is great for those larger footed ladies.
    We like shoes too!