Camilla Dahlin has been a collaborator with Solestruck on several crazy  projects at this point. She and her team of stylists from DECO SALON and other co-creators from Boise Idaho, have trapsed across the PAC-NW to meet us on location for a myriad of shoots, editorials and insane projects. When she reached out about her newest creative project with Salt Lake City based photog Michelle Frampton for a shoe lend, we were eager to help. Shot in SLC by Frampton, the story follows four friends who embody that real-girl-chic aesthetic and rock-band-in-the-making sensibility that we are always suckers for.  All shoes from this portion of the shoot are from the Solestruck favorite YES and can be shopped now right HERE.


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Photography:  Miesh Photography
Concept/Production/Hair:  Camilla Orosco for Deco Hair and Makeup

Concept/Production/Makeup:  Marissa Lyons
Makeup:  Lauren Fisher

Courtney Money:  FB:

Elisabeth Pena: FB:

Erica Van Noy:  FB:
Mackenzie Thiery:   FB:
  • Camilla Dahlin Orosco

    Hey babes.. so sorry. name correction.. model is Mackenzie Thiry (not Theiry)

  • Anonymous

    Can’t see any of the shoes really… in respect to the featured point of this collab. A shame. Maybe little less of the 90s bathroom (eek) and more solestruck! Not sure what the story is here…