So Long, Solestruck!

As I embark on my final post, I leave with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Bitter because I’ve met some amazing people whom I sadly don’t live in the same region as, and sweet because I leave having gained so much knowledge and understanding of the fashion/shoe industry.

For the final day of MAGIC, I opted for a bit more comfort with green leather pants, cropped Bart simpson, a bad-ass leather jacket stolen from a metal head friend, and of course my favorite CORGAN shoes by Jeffrey Campbell’s men’s line The Damned. Total comfort, I know.

Though I might have channeled a hard exterior, the final day of MAGIC was a rip in my heart. Throughout the week it was just me, Ty, Sarahvale and Bryce working as a team, knocking out meeting after meeting–and then it was over! Bryce, the CEO of Solestruck, left first. His casual demeanor left me in admiration of his ease with the whole experience and his company . Then it was Sarahvale’s turn, a person I will never forget. I mean, how can you forget a lavender head with such MAJOR slang? And then of course, there was Ty. I connected with Ty so much, whether it was talking about what men are currently into or whether it was how he is like the MAMA of the shoe industry. Something about him really stuck with me, which is probably why I started to cry a bit when he left the taxi under the heavy Vegas rain (totally sounding like a pussy right now).

Anyway, this experience was amazing. Thank you so much for the experience, Solestruck, and thank YOU for following along, Solestruckers!

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Oh PS: you bad bitches out there BETTER WERK!!!!!