Socks! Glorious socks!!

Who doesn’t love a great pair of socks? And while I can’t speak with 100 percent certainty, I’ve got a hunch that we all (okay, most of us) have that secret pair of socks with purple frogs on them. Or rainbows. Or Winnie the Pooh.


Anyway, one of the hot trends has been wearing eccentric stockings with schmancy shoes. If done right, it can be quite smashing, really. One excellent store to get some awesome socks is Portland’s Sock Dreams. You’ll be overwhelmed by their stellar selection, and if you’re lost, here’s a quickie guide to pairing socks and shoes.

The first style I totally dig is pairing a lacey anklet stocking with a shiny contrast pump.

When I first saw Sock Dreams’s ruffly lace ankle sock, I fell in love. The gothic yet delicately Victorian style drew me in, and I loved the ruffles (Lolita-esque, no?). I immediately knew it should be shown off with a bright peep-toed pump.

And what better to pair it with than a sassy Betseyville Lani pump in bright red patent, for only $74.95 on I think that the simple glossy upper along with the acrylic faux-buckle meld perfectly with the timelessness of the sock, giving you ultimately a modern and edgy look.

Here’s some more food for thought: You’ve heard of  no-socks, but have you ever seen half-socks?? Adorable, unique, and functional, these bad boys are perfect for clogs, or any sort of open-backed shoe that you’d ideally not be wearing socks with.

They’d go great with the fabulous Dansko Merrie (only $114.95 on Solestruck!), especially if you plan to wear a skirt or capris. These half socks will protect your foot, as well as keeping your shoes dry and clean, but giving the appearance of a bare foot.

Finally, another sock favorite is hands-down the knee-high stocking, and Sock Dreams has them in troves!

I personally adore pinks or blues with brown. It’s a girly and fresh color combination, and makes even cuter socks, like the Pink Knees.

And as a Catholic school alumna, I proudly support the innocent schoolgirl look (ha!). These over-the-knee stockings would look adorable with a lovely brown flat or mary jane, like the Steve Madden Liraa, which just so happens to be both! For $74.95, you can basically get two shoes! The coolly ruched suede upper can be worn as either a skimmer, or, swing the convertible strap from the heel to across the ankle for an ever-so-sweet mary-jane look. A perfect pair with these striped stockings.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to sport your socks!

And send me your favorite sock-and-shoe pairings (photos or otherwise) to :)


  • Carol


    I have just found your Blog and have to say I really love it, good work! I love socks and shoes….esp knee high socks. The weather is never right for ankle socks and shoes in Scotland. I just haven’t worked it out yet!!

    Please check out my Blog?