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More is more.

Bad taste is the best taste.

There is no gender. 

BCALLA is for everyone, but not for everyone. Its jaunty unisex designs preach an unsettling yet seductive equality among its wearers, catapulting them out of modern sartorial statutes, culture-at-large and gender roles. It’s clothing that conceptually removes the “personal” from personal style, whilst paradoxically hyperbolizing the personal style of those few persons qualified to step up to the plate (see: Azealia Banks & Mykki Blanco). It’s a sexy, edgy private school uniform in the public school that is our society. It makes one wonder: is a uniform still a uniform by its lonesome, or does a vestiary effort at equalization become another declaration of personal style?

Or are all of these thoughts secondary to the fact that your glasses are literally cumming rn?

Wherever your level of conceptual inspection, BCALLA is undeniably creating some serious waves. Its Autumn collection, shot so starkly by Michael Burk, wants to do one thing and one thing only: talk about sex, baby. ‘Tis so fucking fuck-able, I can’t even begin to describe the joys it brings to my rainy monday morning. We’ve been closely following BCALLA since its inception, and remain horny to watch it through its future.

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All images via BCALLA