Reporting live from Sharkie Con Las Vegas 2013—-Team Solestruck is at the largest USA meet up of Sharkies to date. We are on site with the team from Australia and all of their fans for an entire weekend of SHARKIE MADNESS. Solestruck is freakin’ pumped to announce our collaboration with BlackMilk Clothing—a new range of exclusive to Solestruck Kicks are coming to the site by the end of this month. Sharkie’s are grabbing up the shoes on the VIP pre-sale event for on location fans only—but don’t worry the shoes are going to be offered to all of our mutual fans coming soon (exclusively at Solestruck of course!). All the BlackMilk prints you can handle! Get ready….and team Solestruck wants to send a giant shout out to all our new friends and the sweetest group of legging obsessed people we have ever met! So many sweet friends and fans! Thank you BlackMilk!


Coming soon we will release information on the collabo, all the prints, syles, and confirmed delivery dates. Until then….NOM NOM NOM.










  • Leah B

    I hope some of those styles / prints are made available in a size 12!

  • Chen

    Or make a size 4 too please! Just how you did on putting xxs. Tiny girls need some love too. :’(

  • Rosie

    OMG, Amethyst shoes! <3

  • Danielle

    i can’t wait, wish i was there!

  • Grace S

    What Leah B said – some size 11s and 12s please! :)