With it’s Roots in London and it’s head in a sea of glitter, unicorns, rainbows and pixie dust, Irregular Choice has been a favorite of shoe lovers for over ten years in the US Market. The styles combine high-creativity and wearable footwear staples—the end result…an easy choice when your outfit needs some ramping up. We have been carrying the line strong now for over a year–and love the Sales team and creative group behind the brand—LOVE ALL AROUND! We are honored to be offering such a huge assortment of IC during our first ever flash sale. Irregular Choice fans are known to be a bit culty and at the very least—fanatical! We have seen many checkouts with 5-6-7 pairs of the amazing creations being shipped out and prepped for delivery next week. Check out the selection and the insane discounts—if you are not yet a member of the CULT of IRREGULAR CHOICE—prepare to fall in love.

Our Fave from the flash sale?

Part Exotic Ave, Part Magical Pony—this shoe takes any look right into the fantasy zone. Shop it now…while the flash is on boo!