It’s a Man’s World: Denny

Meet Denny from LookRichShopCheap
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Hiking Boot by Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott
25-year-old stylist from New York.
Style mantra: “Look Rich, Shop Cheap.”

What’s up, Denny! How’s life in the City today?
It’s pretty awesome! My girl and I just moved to Jersey City. It’s winter time, which means it’s time to layer up and bust out that prep game.

A generic question with an interesting answer: how/when did you gain an interest in fashion?
I would be incredibly vain if I said I was born with a sense of fashion, right? So let’s not go with that (true) story! In high school, I was always that kid who’d wear ties and blazers though there was no special occasion. That’s the only reason I loved going to school—to show off my gear. When I first wore tight jeans, people assumed things—but it didn’t phase me. I wore what I wanted and had the confience to do so!

Thrifting in NYC is better from thrifting anywhere else because:
Variety! There are so many stores here, a thrifter would explode in joygasm.

Thrifting in NYC is worse than thrifting anywhere else because:
I don’t understand this silly question.

Humous, posthumous or fictional, who is your biggest idol?
Andre 3000 of Outkast. The dude is always ahead of his time. What you see now, he already rocked years ago when no one took a chance. I am who I am because of him.

What most inspires your personal style?
If you check my looks, you’ll see that I don’t rally have “a style.” Fashion is full of possibilities, and I try to be open to everything. I’m inspired by many things from fashion blogs like The Sartorialist to magazines like “Nylon Guys,” movies like “Grease,” any John Hughes 80s film, 90s hip-hop like “The Fresh Prince” and “De La Soul.” All those things inpire me.

Most prized possession that isn’t style-related?
My iPad. It’s basically my second girlfriend. I travel, sleep, eat and watch adult films with it. It’s also my second portfolio.

Forget the clothes for a second, and let’s talk about your do’. How. does. it. do. that?
After a shower, I just slick it back and wait ’til it dries. I then add a bit of hair wax and boom! I’m Travolta.

Finish the sentence: Life is short…
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Denny’s shoes: Hiking Boot by Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott
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  • Maitte

    i think i fell in love…He’s style is on point!

  • Joel

    Ah man i love this campaign! How do i get involved?! aha ^___^

  • Henry


    We’ve been obsessed with your blog for a WHILE.
    So flattered.
    We’ll be in kontakt.