It’s a Man’s World: Paul

Meet Paul of
featuring the Champion Boot by KTZ

22-year-old accessory designer from Manila, Philippines.
Style Mantra:
“Be rebellious without losing a singular direction.”

Paul. First of all, we’re obsessed with you. OBSESSED, do you understand?

K, great, so second profound question: what’s up?
I just woke up! I’m in some shirt, shorts and slippers like a normal guy. I’m typically always black-on-black at home–and no, I don’t wear bones to sleep.

What most inspires the way you dress?
Definitely music. Earlier this year, I was in my “Grimes” phase: I dyed my hair pink, and then neon green. Now I’m in my Crystal Castles (again) and Kendrick Lamar phase. I dyed my hair back to black and mostly only buy black pieces.

Describe the Manila fashion scene.
Our fashion scene celebrates mostly couture evening gowns for the older market and preppy brands for the younger ones. Then you’ll find the independent brands that would rather make something different than go with the flow.

You’re also half the brain behind the growingly popular OS Accessories. How did you get into accessory designing?
I’ve been making accessories before OS started. My parents never gave me clothes money (except for birthdays and Christmas), so I learned the basics and a mini business of making my own accessories was born. I later gave up this endeavor and partnered with AJ to make accessories that more summed up our aesthetic. We love bones, and had an idea of making them out of polyurethane, and then came OS.

Dream OS client?
Grimes or A$AP Rocky! Rihanna bought from us in one of our partner stores in Japan called “Fake Tokyo” earlier this year. It’s something we’re so proud of! (Since this interview, Grimes was seen wearing OS Accessories. Needless to say, Paul died)

Surprise us: what’s one of your weirdest hobbies?
I drink 3-5 cups of green tea after every meal. It’s so addicting.

Every single meal? Your pee must be very very clear!
Yup! It’s just that I have to pee almost every 10 minutes, haha

Your house is on fire, and you only have time to grab three things. What are they?
My macbook, my passport, and my Givenchy sandals. I can’t imagine those sandals burning.

Finish the sentence: life is short…
Shuffle the playlist.

Paul’s shoes: Champion Boot by KTZ (re-stock coming soon)
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