WINNERS: Solestruck Mens Fall Forecast


We asked you to do the following:


You boys (and girls!) seriously turnt it up.



Mary Horne. Congrats Mary, your clear vision of men’s style wins you credit for Solestruck Men’s! Hope you have a man friend to give some shoes to!


I’m all about being fashionable without losing comfort. With athletic-wear leading in men’s trend forecasting this year it’s kinda hard not to be comfortable if your following the latest trends. I developed a look that will be sure to take a man from day to night with the change of a shoe!

Mask – Rick Owens
Shirt – Y-3
Pant – Saint Laurent
Jacket – Rad Hourani
Backpack – Diesel 
Shoes – Adidas Slvr  ”Ar 10″
Shoes – YES “Trap Mens”
Accessories – Givenchy Key-Chain, Vintage Bracelet, Margiela Rings, Svart “Mute watch”

solestruck fall moodboard marchel

Marchel Eang. Bizarre inspiration, but we dig it. And it all looks good, of course. Congratulations Marchel!

Basically if I had to sum everything up in a fragmented sentence it would be: A grown-up surreal interpretation of elementary school art class.
For this moodboard I was exploring a more “arts and crafts” meets “laboratory experiments” idea with lots of bold paneled detailing, contrasted with different layers of textures materials and prints. To mix things up more I combined formal and casual to add an edge to the casual outfits and to make the formal ones more wearable (not to mention layering is generally just more practical in the fall)


Solestruck Contest

Matteo Neri-Lindfors. Love a dude who knows what he likes!

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 2.53.24 PM

Justin Jennings. We’re always elated to cater to boys with classic workman style. #portland


Melody Chan. She’s clearly into bad boys… and blood?


Eduardo Wever. Not shy of some pop–and might I add, flawless photoshop cropping?


Anna Ranizowska actually DREW the drop by Study and Bruce by Artola–and then cut it all out and styled it on a monkey. Wtf Anna, stupid cute!

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.05.05 PM

Maximilian Aichmair. Your description and inspiration killed me:

what could be more fitting and inspiring for the sad fall and wintertime than the fall of child-stars ? 
amanda bynes preaches on twitter and dresses worse than ever but still has a huge crowd following her.
remember when britney had her breakdown and naomi gave other people a break down with her cell phone ?
and still, in this pastel-pretty-pop-world, the boys will be on their knees for them


More love for Ms. Bynes, courtesy of Mr. Bobby Kang


Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.34.04 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.34.23 PM

Cute concept from Ty Whitaker. Have so much fun in Japan!!!!
Marco Sarandi, simple, logical. Definitely my personal style.
Summer weather comes late in SF so I styled a look that’s light enough to catch some California sun at the park and warm enough to keep me warm while walking through the city’s wind tunnels. The outfit is inspired by the Buffalo x Solestruck 9000-15 platform.

Jason Umana‘s interesting pov:
I like Black and Gold for fall [...] and the Feminine and Masculine Garbo shoes go great with this outfit because it matches the theme of mixing soft materials like wool and flannel with tougher materials like leather and metal.
Thanks to everyone for participating! We love our men’s customers. You boys have such distinct style. KEEP IT UP!
- Solestruck Men’s