Solestruck samples JC

A box of goodies from JC arrived today! NEW SAMPLES DAY IS THE BEST! These are exclusive make-ups, prints and shapes that can only found right here…. stay tuned.

So many good ones…

Blue lace

Floral wedge heaven

Boots and boots and more boots

Exclusive print—only at solestruck. Bugs, dinos and forest animals. Love it.

Lined up for consideration

  • Natalie

    The animal printed ones! LOVE!!

  • emmalee

    i need those brown & gold ankle boots like.. yesterday. they make my palms sweaty.

    • ty

      We love a sweaty palm. More info coming soon.

  • Amanda

    LOVE the blue lace Cuffed and the Lita-ish boot on the fourth picture!

    • ty

      more info coming soon!