Solevoice makes a long-awaited comeback



Has it been forever?

I think it has, yes.

So, before I get to the very overdue Fab Friday winner, let me explain what happened. Aside from several blog-related technical difficulties, Portland was hit with one of the worst winter storms in recent history. Actually, the worst in about 40 years. And before all you Midwesterners start getting on our case about how we can’t drive in snow, I want to say that we deal with RAIN…buckets of RAIN…for 11.5 months out of the year. We don’t do frozen; we do wet.

(The photo above was taken at the very beginning of the ARCTIC BLAST, and it got WAY worse from there.) Anyway, because of the Snowpocalypse…or ARCTIC BLAST 2008…combined with the holidays, we’ve basically been totally MIA the past few weeks. Heck, Christmas week I couldn’t even get my car out of the driveway because there was so much snow! Yikes!

But we’re back…and hopefully better than ever! And now for the LONG overdue Fab Friday winner (the last of 2008!)…drum roll please…

Sarah-Jean Ballard of the Fashionable Housewife!

Congratulations! We’ll be sending you five pairs of New Balance’s Lightening Dry socks!


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