Sometimes we make mistakes… Part deux

Bryce last wrote about the horrible mistake we made in buying the Dollhouse Luisa which since then, we have sold a few pair which is… well… hopefully they are being worn by women in large bloomers working in their very, very secluded gardens where no one will ever witness the heinousness of their crime.

One of my favorite “mistakes” we made that still makes me want to paint the walls with vomit when I see it: the J. Renee Harmony.

No offense to those that like to cross-dress, but this just screams old-school tranny when I see it. Kind of a cross between David Caruso on CSI: Miami and the dude that played the tranny brother of Drew Carey in Drew’s late 90′s sitcom. The 80′s were bad enough, but bringing this style back, holy crap we were horribly wrong!


  • Lacey

    You guys are very funny! I just came across your blog and it brings a smile to my face with every new post.