Sometimes we make mistakes…

Luisa PurpleFrom time to time, we make horrible buying decisions.  I take that back – Occasionally we make such bad buying choices that we would be flogged in Italy for such shoe blasphemy.  At initial consideration, the decision to buy the Dollhouse Luisa was somewhat understandable:  good price point, rainboots were huge two-years ago, and this little ugly duckling is completely covered in comfy vinyl.  Luisa GreyOver the past 646 days (which is how long there shoes have been on our site) the customers have spoken day in & day out by choosing not to purchase the Luisa.  We’ve heard you all, its just taken us nearly two years to seriously discount this beauty.

So here it is, the Dollhouse Luisa for $19.95 in three Luisa Pinkcolors perfect for an Easter Egg hunt or a lobotomy. Of course, we will pay for shipping and you can always return it if you don’t like it.




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