SPACE, the final wedge-tier.

We have had an insanely good season with Swedish designed brand MINI MARKET. Easy to wear wedges with cutting edge looks, effortless styling and minimalistic details—the shoes are amazing. Our latest to arrive on the Scene is the SPACE WEDGE. Black on black, totally sleep, totally modern and very comfortable.

Classic suede and rubber oversized base combine to create a very curent classic. We are about to launch some new arrivals from Mini Market soon—goods should surface on the site by the end of this week. In honor of such a great season with this TOP Swedish brand–we will leave you with a jam from our other favorite Swedes…the Cardigans…what are they up to anyway??? God, they are good. Save some for the rest of us Sweden.

  • Tamara

    In love!

  • http://Website Courtney D.

    OMG! I love love love love love these shoes, they’re effin awesome. How can I receive?!