Speak Yo Mind, Get FREE Shoes

We are pleased to announce our best (with a capital B) in store contest yet. We admit it, every time we look at our Yelp page, much to our chagrin, all we see are some haterz bringing our 5 star service and selection down to a 4.  I’m sorry but if you ask me, there is a large diff between 4 and 5 stars, I mean, would you rather stay at the Ritz or the Westin?  Girl don’t even try to lie, RITZ ALL THE WAY.   So, in an effort to mask the ‘Negative Nancy’s', we’ve decided to bribe y’all to chime in by offering up a bad ass prize.  Each customer that leaves us a review before October 31st will be entered to win.  This is your chance to write that little love letter you have always wanted to write to us, because lets face it, we are in a serious relationship, and people in relationships tell each other how they feel.  Now, let’s just get this clear, we’re not asking you to lie, well not directly at least (I kid I kid), just tell us how you feel. Would you like us to carry some more of a certain brand?  More of a certain style?  What do you like/not like about the store and service?  Would you like us to offer back rubs to make up for credit card exhaustion? Pedicures for platform ready toes? You get the point.

The winner will be selected November 1st for a…..wait for it…..$500 SHOPPING SPREE in the store. YES.  TRUTH.

We can hardly wait to read what y’all write up! So much so that our little legs are wiggling in our cut offs.

OK now. Get to it!!! Start reviewing NOW!